Bantu Knot Out

So this is my second Bantu Knot Out and it was a success the first one was a hot mess. I just put it in a ponytail for two days until I had time to retwist it.

But this time was much better and I figured out where I went wrong. I tried making a two strand twist first and then twisting that into a Bantu Knot. It did not work  and the hair just went everywhere when I took them out. This time I just twisted a section of my hair into the Bantu Knots and it turned out better.

I did this on freshly washed hair. I am still using  Miss Jessie’s Crème de la Curl (no lather shampoo) and Crème de la Crème (conditioner). I have done something different this time and I didn’t wash the conditioner out fully. I like the results so far it was just the first time we shall see. For styling cream I used Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding (the purple stuff).

Banku Knots on my head

Bantu Knots on my head

For the most part I was able to get to knot on their own but for a few I had to use a bobby pin.

Bantu Knot Out Results

Bantu Knot Out Results

I really love the big bouncy curls it gave. The curly pudding held the curls and they were soft to the touch.  They lasted for about a week before it became more friz than curls. The only down side to them was that it took 2 days for them to completely air dry. If you have someplace to be and your hair is about my length then I would recommend sitting under a dryer. Or Baku knot them in a way that would be presentable to go outside with if you are going to air dry. I Bantu Knotted on a weekend where I had nowhere to be.

Have you do a Bantu Knot Out? How did it turn out?

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